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Sep 19, 2009
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I started a Sonoma Cab Crushendo kit back in March. Chose to bulk age in 5 gallon carboy. The wine also spent about 4 weeks in a new 5 Gallon American oak barrel. Basically followed the instructions except for the bulk aging. I also did not use the sorbate as I did not think it was necessary if I was bulk aging. I tased the wne today and it has bubbles like champagne. Otherwise it tastes and smells fine. Do I need to degass again? Has anyone ever experienced this problem? The wine still has an airlock on it. Will it clear on it's own? I have made wine from grapes and have never had this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
Did you degas and did you add sulfites as it could be going through Malolactic fermentation. Where in CT are you as Im in Middlebury. Wine from Grapes degases itself when you press it.
I did degas and used meta that was in the kit. I sulfited again on my last racking yesterday (10ml of 10% solution Meta). You helped me understand why I never had to degass when working with grapes. Do you think I should degass again? Does it take time for the meta to stop malolactic fermentation, or should i just let it run it's course?

I am in Stamford.

Thanks for your thoughts.
If you added the sulfites then MLF should not be the problem as it wont work in the presence of sulfites that high. Im guessing you need to degas better, did you use a spoon or drill mounted stirrer cause its hard to do with a spoon. Also it should be done at temps around 75* as cooler temps will make the wine harder to degas as it holds C02 in suspension too much.
I will give it a try and degass again. I did use the drill attachment. I will get it out of my basement to raise the temp. Thanks for the help.

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