Most wine going at once?

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Oct 1, 2007
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What is the largest number of varieties you've had going at the same time or what is the larges volume you've made? I was thinking of starting a 3rd batch but don't want to buy extra equipment.
I'm a very new "newbie", but when I find something I'd like to do, I go all out. I may have royally screwed up with this one though, since I'm not sure if I'm doing it right! LOL

When I put my last batch in the secondary fermenter, I had (all 5 gal carboys)
5 (25 gal total) Peach
3 (15 gal) White Muscadine
2 (10 gal) Black Muscadine
1 (5 gal) Peach/White Muscadine mix.
WOW--I never added it up that way before. I just had carboys all over my bathroom!

I have only bottled one batch of White Muscadine so far. That batch has turned out really good. (My first!) I have no idea of how anything else is going to turn out.
Well I had 100 six gallon batches on the go in the Ferment on Premises. Of course, they weren't all for me. :D

Depends. If I am making wine from fresh grapes I make enough to fill my 2 30 gal oak barrels plus enough for regular topping off and racking so usually about 40 gal each. If making from frozen juice I make anywhere from 3 to 6 varieties.
At this moment I have:

3 10 gallon plum wines aging
2 3 gallon plum wines aging
1 3 gallon dried apricot wine fermenting
1 5 gallon pumpkin wine fermenting
1 3 gallon apple wine fermenting
1 3 gallon fruit juice wine fermenting (mixed berries and grapes)
1 1 gallon concentrated fruit juice fermenting

So that is 10 carboys.

My girlfriend does not allow me to put any more carboys in the living room :D

I have had about four different variesties going all at once.

1- 14 gallons of Ruby Cabernet
1-14 Gallons of Cabernet Sauvignon
1-14 Gallons of Sauvignon Blanc
1 6 Gallon of Ice Wine

All From fresh must execpt the Ruby Cabernet from grapes.