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Nov 5, 2006
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I was going to make a beet wine and had to chop the beets.

So I thought instead of using a kitchen machine which would be slow
I would use a mortar mixer. I had bought one especially
for pulping a few weeks ago.

Now at the winemaking news group was a discussion going on about
someone who used such a tool, so I was cautious.

Nevertheless I would try it.
First I had to sanitise it in a bath of citric acid and sulphite.
In no time the shining coating was gone. I think it just dissolved
in the sanitising mixture. :eek:

I think the solution of acid and sulphite does devistating things
to metal.

So I thought I would let is stand in the solution for a night so the
coating would be gone and it would be safe to use.........

Overnight the mixer started to rust. :mad:

I would certainly not have any of this in my wine or must !!!!!

Look at my weblog for the picture.

Moral of the story:
Sometimes general consensus is right, use only food grade
materials for your wine or you will be playing russian roulette
with your health.

At least you didn't use it in your wine!

Hopefully it didn't cost too much - It looks like you couldn't even use it for mixing mortar now. :(

Indeed it was not stainless steel.
And of course I was warned in all literature not to use ordinary
metal in your wine production.

But I was not aware that corrosion would be so fast.
I had some things rusting on me (like my double handed corker)
but that rusted in a few years and not in 1 evening.

I was more concerned over the shining chroom plating
that was dissolved in the water and acid.

I rather would not have this mess in my wine, so I published this
as a general warning that sometimes it is usefull to follow general rules :D

Caplan :
The menoey is not my concern as you can read. But it just cost
a few euro's (read dollar). Maybe a more expensive one would be
made of stainless steel. I'll keep on looking for one.
But maybe it is time for a good old pulpmaster if these are
still available.

thats a lot of rust in a short space of time, cheers for that Luc , it's always nice when someone learns the lesson on your behalf.

The pulpmasters are still available here for around £19

Where do you normally get your supplies?
I notice more of the hard to find stuff that I want In places like bockmeyer and holzeis, was thinking of putting together a wish list and jumping on the boat.....

I particularly want a 40 - 47 litre barrel
I can get 20, 30 and 50
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Look at these guys in Belgium :

They sell everything from a sachet of yeast of 5 grams
to a complete bottel filler line-up which fills 500 bottles an hour
(I was not allowed to buy one from she who must be obeyed :D )

Next weekend they have a great open house show with lots of
dutch wine writers (who actually written the books on winemaking
in Holland) giving lectures.

For me it is a 150 kilometers drive but worth wile every
2 times pro year or so.....

I have several things on my wish list like:
a pulpmaster
a fizz-x
and a new auto-siphon (I broke my old one)

I bet they have it all..........

Last year I bought a steam extractor (great for elderberries and blackberries).

Thanks for the link Luc

I cannot attend this one unfortunately, I am at a wine competition in Sunny Lincoln

I can jump on the ferry in Hull (40 minutes from me) and get off in Rotterdan and then drive down into Belgium

will maybe try to attend when they have another, maybe we could meet and have a glass or two?


They do this each year just once at the Whitsun weekend (is that correct English, Babelfish told me so......:p ) and that is next weekend.

But I would love to meet you and have a glass of our homemade wines.

Next year perhaps ???

This is getting slightly off-topic but I am also a member of a
Dutch/Belgium forum and I initiating a meeting at Brouwland for the
Forum members.

The shopowner has actually reserved a table for the Forum members
and is fully co-operative.

This shop is huge and well organised and really a pleasure to
look around as they sell really everything a winemaker can whish for.

I wish you a nice holliday and hope to greet you there,
and anybody else on this forum who wants to come off course,
next year.


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