Lost cause or not?

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e wilson

Oct 5, 2009
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To day I racked 4 gallons of peach wine ( my first effort ) I did not have a hydrometer when I started. I has been in the secondary for one month, and now the specific gravity is only 1.000. there was a thick yeast smelling sediment left over in the bottom. It is clearing and has good color? HELP!!! Thanks for your help.
Sounds like everything is fine. Can you post the recipe so that we could better see what you used and get an idea of where the abv is?
lost cause or not

2 lbs peaches, 2.5 lbs sugar, 1/2 tsp peptic enzyme,1/4 tsp tannin (or 1 cup black tea ) I Used the tea? 6 pints boiling water wine yeast (cote des blancs) , 1 tsp yeast nutriant, 1 campten tab . (PER GAL.) I mixed all but the yeast and campten and let it sit for 24 hrs. the added them. then put in secondary in about 8 days. Then racked it about 1 month later (today) and topped it with a boiled and cooled simple syrup. ?
Did you add potassium sorbate and sulfite before adding the simple syrup? If not it might start fermenting all over again! These 2 chems together will halt re-fermentation
Most likely but not always. It all depends on how your yeast floculated.
lost cause or not ?

I really appricate your help! I have no idea what i'm doing, but having a blast so far!! This forum is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!
E, soon you will be back asking how to get out of this addiction!!!:d