Vineco Legacy shiraz 16 litre kit

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May 19, 2009
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Just finished pitching the yeast on my newest kit.

I,ve made two kits previous and this is my first vineco kit (previous kits were winexpert).
Has anyone made this kit?

Starting sg was 1.080( seemed a bit low to me)

Is this kit a kenridge product?I looked on the box but it only says Legacy and vineco on it.

It never came with any oak and was wondering if i could add oak to this kit.

Dan the crazy wineman!

Sorry but you've asked one of the questions that annoys me. KenRidge is NOT a company. It is three product lines from a company called Vineco, which is owned by a company called Andrew Peller. As you noticed, Legacy is another product line from Vineco. The KenRidge product lines are KR Classic, KR Showcase, and KR Founders Series.

Similarly Winexpert is a company owned by Andrew Peller, not a product line (even though many people just say 'Winexpert Chianti').

I have not made the Legacy Shiraz, preferring the Vinterra Shiraz or the KR Showcase Australian Shiraz. The Legacy line is approximately equivalent to the WE Selection Original line.

I would have expected the sg to be about 1.084 to 1.088 based on other Legacy kits. For example the Legacy Valpolicella that I started last fall was 1.084.

Perhaps you did not stir the must well and took a sample from the top of the must.

Its been 72 hours since i pitched the yeast and no signs of fermentation.

The S.G. is exactly the same as when i started 3 days ago 1.080.

I grabbed a fresh pack of yeast and threw it on top and i,ll wait and see what it looks like in a day or two.

This kit was on sale as 1 year old stock, i don,t know if that would make a diffrence though. The date on the yeast was well within the best if used by date.
Whats the temp? Get it up to around mid 70's to get a good fermentation going.
temperature in the room that its in is 75 ....i would think that the must would be within 2 or 3 degrees of room temp.
I dont think I have ever seen a kit not ferment unless you accidently added the sulfite or sorbate instead of bentonite! Even with the sulfites you would be able to get it going but sorbate would end all.
24 hours since i threw in the second pack of yeast and i detect some bubbling activity now :)

I,l let it go for a day or 2 and then check the s.g. just to make sure its still working.

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