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Feb 21, 2010
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Here is a go at my lable for my Apple Spice Wine.

What do you think?

Good work with the label, the white trees in the background looks cool.

Must be cold round yr parts! hehe
There is a "rule of thirds" when taking pictures that basically means that when taking a picture of, say the ocean and sky, put the ocean in either 1/3 or 2/3 of the picture and the sky in the other 2/3 or 1/3 - something to do with visual balance or focus, I suppose ( I'm not a photographer).
This might work well with your label with the trees taking up the top 2/3 and the info the bottom 1/3.
Just a suggestion.
Nice label, by the way.
Dugger, never heard of that but sounds like a good idea, very nice label 3352!
Not a bad suggestion Dugger. Nice label.

I tinker with mine over and over before I decide on a final label and then those sometimes end up in the recycle bin.
I agree, when taking a picture of the horizon or even random shots of sunsets the of thirds is the first thing you learn in photography. I think making the picture larger would really enhance the label. Nice picture! Did you take it?
Beautiful pic . I agree with making the photo part bigger and writing part smaller .BTW what spices did you use in the wine ?
Nice picture! Did you take it?

No i didn't take this - this was just an image i had - i like scenery photos.

what spices did you use in the wine ?

I added 3 crumbled cinnamon sticks and 2 tsps of cloves (in a tea bag).

I added the cloves in a tea bag so i could remove them after a couple of days. I didn't want the aroma of the cloves to over take the smell of the apples and the cinnamon.

Works pretty good - the over smell is fantastic!
Haven't thought that far in advance - first time making this - so we'll see how it turns out lol.
I like it a lot better. Personally I would still make the picture larger. Just another idea is to put you cellar name on top, center a lager picture and put the rest of the info on the bottom.

So i took your advice on both options:



I kind of like them both - not sure which i like better..

I like the bottom better, but I'd consider making the year a bit larger as well.
I like the top one as well. Less confusing to the eye, which I suppose, means the rule of thirds works here!
The top one is better .Is it alot of work to change the yellowish background color the writing is on to white so it matches the snow in the pic better or a lighter version of the green in the trees .

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