Kumquat Key Lime (acid content question.)

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Dec 17, 2009
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I am making a gallon of kumquat key lime pasteur champagne. My other wine, which is 5 gallons, is already fermenting and was made on the same day. Only difference is the volume in the primary fermenters.

I'm concerned that at 3.0 pH the yeast can't consume the sugar? The P.A. before I added the yeast was 13.2%. Any thoughts? I'm ok with it being acidic as long as it will start fermenting.

Maybe I am just being impatient? I have calcium carbonate to bring the acid level up later on after racking, do you think this will be needed?

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I think I would be concerned at that point also. I dont know how high a yeast strain can take but thats pretty darn high! I think Id hit it with the Calcium to be sure but how high was the other bigger batch that is fermenting. Calcium is used Pre fermentation and potassium bicarbonate is post fermentation.
Surprisingly, the wine shop didn't have potassium bicarbonate! I ended up getting a powder that speeds up yeast action and helps re-start stuck fermentations. It's just named Yeast Energizer.

I think it composed of powderized lees. I also added calcium carbonate, just what the pack recommended, and the pH rose from 3.0 to about 4.5 or so.

Hopefully this will work, I might remove the bag of kumquats and limes. Should I add some of the Lalvin "killer yeast" strain 01118 (?) which I have? I just don't want it to go bad. It only has one campden tablet in it, as it's only a gallon.
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Maybe if I add a bit more calcium carbonate? I'm at 1/2 of the maximum allowed per gallon.
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Just a question, was the pH measured at 3.0 or did you measure the acid percentage as 3%?
Sorry for the confusion, I edited my original post after re-reading.

I used a pH testing strip for wine, held it in the wine for two seconds and then compared to the color key and found it to be at 3.0 (very acidic.)

I have yet to do a more specific acid titration test and adjustment.
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