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Jan 29, 2010
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I have the WE LE Trio Blanca (white) and South African Shiraz in the carboy. The starting gravity of the Trio Blanca was 1.088 (recommended 1.085 - 1.095) and for the Shiraz 1.094 (recommended 1.090 - 1.096). They were in the primary fermenter for 7 days when I racked to carboy with both wines sitting right at 1.000. The instructions say rack to carboy in 5 to 7 days or when the gravity is 1.010. On the 5th day, the gravity was not at 1.010, so I waited until the 7th day to rack. Both wines have now been in the carboy for 7 days. I just checked the wines for a couple of days now, and the white has stayed at .994 (recommended .994 to .998) and it has already started clarifying even though I have not added any of the other packs yet. The red has stayed at .992 (recommended .990 to .996) and has started to clarify too. The instructions say to wait 10 day before adding the sulphite, sorbate, and clarifier. Since the wines are done fermenting and have started to clarify on their own, can I go ahead and do the next step before the 10 days are up? I never had a wine kit to actually start clarifying on its own before the 10 days were up.
if you are getting the same SG readings consistently (2 days in a row is fine) indicating no further fermentation activity, then you are good to go to the next step.

the calendar is not a winemaking tool - trust your hydrometer instead. every fermentation is different and is affected by so many variables that a set timetable predicted in advance (by kit instructions) is rarely if ever accurate.
Almost all kits finish early unless you are in cooler temps then suggested. Keep following the instructions.
My trio's 10 days was up Jan 26 but i didn't stablize until FEb 4th just because I was busy doing other things . It's started clearing soem also but I didn't worry just thought it was a good sign .
Oh something I saw the day was interesting to me it said if yuo ferment your wines at lower temps instead of higher temps it will give them more flavour in the end . So I'm not going to wrry so much anymore about keeping wine at warmer temps for fermenting .
Just be careful in the beginning and towards the end to get the temp up so it will start up good and get things going good and then at the end so it will finish fermenting and not stop early. David, dont rush your wine out of the carboy or youll have sediment in your bottles. Even when using a fining agent your wines will drop very fine sediment after it looks pretty clear, extra time in your carboy will prevent that!

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