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Jun 15, 2010
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central Nebraska
This has probably been answered before, but I have been looking and not found it. Have not been thru all the posts but have read a lot of em. Getting ready to start a batch with pie cherries. Do I have to pit em or can I just destem and put them in the primary. Will not crush the pits, just squish the cherries by hand. Last years batch we pitted them all but would be nicer to just ferment them. BTW, these cherries are what got me started in this hobby. Our little tree went beserk a couple of years ago and I found my old wine recipe. It amounted to throwing them in a crock with a bunch of sugar and waitin for a while til we could start sampling. Didn't kill us, but have found places on the net to learn how to really make wine. The new stuff is much better and have to say thank you to all who answer and help us out. The sharing of your knowledge is greatly appreciated. Wish some of you were around. I am about to put last years cherry in bottles, crystal clear and pretty good. We could see how much could be consumed before it hit the bottles. Thanks all, Arne.
I've got clingstone plums in the garden and don't bother removing the pits.

it's your personal choice.

Welcome to the forum Arne..

Allie :bt
Ive made win e with these and left the pits in. It would take forever to get them out. I just used a fermenting bag and when all was done just yanked the bag and all the pits are in there.