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Jan 22, 2009
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Just bought this at my local brew shop for $60. I'm pumped to get it started but I got home and realized that my primary got totally ruined!!!! (got's tragic) So I'm waiting for a chance to go back and get a new one. (it's like an hour drive away)

0106909 - 1013 is the code on the bottom of the sticker.
Can you just ring up and get one couriered to you? Might be cheaper than two hours driving time and petrol..

yeah...I might do that instead. We'll see. I need corks and a few other things too.
I made this one last year and it was fantastic. Another good one I made for Christmas gifts last year was RJ Spagnols Crabapple Chardonnay, even won a silver medal for it! They say they are bringing it back this year for the holidays, I'm going to grap a few of those. Enjoy...
I just bought this. How did yours turn out? did you add any extra sugar to the primary? I hope it is not too sweet.

I tasted it at the local brew shop and it was sweet but it didn't finish like plain juice. Some are just too sweet but it has a slight dry finish that makes it enjoyable for I don't really care for super sweet wines.
Mine turned out quite well. I added 4c. of sugar early in the primary. Did not sweeten it but did boost the alc. to close to 9%. I gave most away for Christmas and everyone loved it.

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