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Sep 28, 2009
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I picked this box up for 20$, and was surprised to find once I got home, it looks like 2 kits in the box?? Does this still look good to you guys? Not sure the brand, Village Vitner? It's a French Colombard according to a sticker on the box. Not ever having seen a white wine kit other than this, not sure if the colour is off or not. It's marked Nov. 2006 on the juice bags. I already bought some replacement yeast since I figure 3yr old yeast is probly gone bad.

French Colombard is a white wine. It it really is it looks oxidized. The box says Sherry.
Never heard of that brand. Where is it from?
If this is a Sherry then it is the proper color, if its not a sherry then it is badly oxidized IMO. If its a sherry then 1 of the bags is most likely an f-pac unless the starting sg is very high.
Pretty sure it supposed to be a french colombard. The box looks liek a generic box used for different types. It has check-boxes on the side that say

- Village Vintner
- Renaissance
- Cellar Reserve
- Summer Breeze
- Vintage Harvest
- Porto
- Sherry
- French Colombard

Packaged exclusively for: Vinotheque, Dorval Quebec

I would hate to waste my time... any way to test it to see if it's worth making?
Personally I think it is TWO kits because there are two additive packages. The side of the box says PORTO and SHERRY as well as some other brands, so it's probably a generic box. I would believe the French Columbard sticker. Yes it looks oxidized but small white wine kits often look darker in the bag. The manufacturer looks like Vinotheque (see http://www.vinotheque.ca/english/default.cfm).

The B packet in the right one reminds me of Mosti Mondiale addpaks (but I haven't done an MM kit in 5 years or more). The plain boxes holding two kits were used to reduce packaging for FoPs (may still be used by some companies).

Consider it $20 down the drain if your are sure its a French Colombard.
I would not wast my time then.