Is my wine bad?

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Nov 25, 2016
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Hi! Just started my first batch of 7 day wine tuesday. A problem occured when the company that i bought the starter kit had missed a rubber part for the lid. Alot of air has come in to the wine but it is fine now since i got the rubber part. I have a picture of how it looks and wonder if it's fine or if it got bad?
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Am I missing something? I think it is a good thing that you didn't have the lid sealed. You don't want to lock down before the fermentation is complete.
Leave the lid off, throw a towel over it, stir twice a day, check it with a hydrometer daily. When it's close to 1.000, rack to your secondary carboy.
doc don't overload yourself I'll take 1/2 the burden, i know your a real saint, but let a less experienced vintner help you out all while getting to help those that need back in the saddle as soon as possible, i'm here for them as of-course as your loyal helper,,,,,

Yes, its bad...

Bottle it and send it to me for safe disposal. :)

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