Is fermentation lock important?

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Drunken God
Dec 7, 2008
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well, i just reached SG 1.020 which is when i have shifted the liquid to a second clean bottle. Since it is an apple and honey wine, i believe it is reductive in nature, which is prolly y it needs a fermentation lock. however, would it be the same if i was to just simply plug the bottle mouth with a cork or with plastic seal and let it ferment down to 0.095?

i ask cause im not sure about the whole fermentation lock as im using a very simple system of cork and pipes and a bucket of sulphite solution... since i live in india, any fermentation lock system is not easily available and i have to improvise... like i commented somewhere else, my whole wine is basically all about improvisation. :)

By using a tube run into a container of water, you have created your own fermentation lock. So, yes a fermentation lock is important. Do you need to buy one if you can make one? No. It's just more convienent to have one.
I've used this process several times before buying a commercial fementation lock. Just remember to keep the bucket full as the water will evaporate faster than a closed system.
That way works well and is reffered to as a blow off tube and many beer brewers use this method cause an airlock usually just cant handle a beer fermentation. They usually use a 1" hose stuck right into the carboy mouth.
yes, im using a 1'' tube and its has one end just below the cork and above the wine level and the other end on a lower level placed bucket of water with the tube's end IN the water. i just hope it doesnt suck the water up, incase there is some vacum or something being developed.
No way, there will never be that amount of vacuum created in there. If it were a much smaller hose then maybe but not with that size.