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Apr 20, 2014
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Hi everybody! I'm Aaron from Milwaukee, WI. Brewing beer is my #1 passion but I want to make good wine too. My grandmother in Washington state has been making country wines for 30+ years and I hope to make some as good as hers.

About 1-2 years ago I tried making some wine using grape juice concentrate. The white grape and peach wine was a bust while the Welch's Concord grape was ok. Too sweet for my wife. Basically I now use it for cooking. I'm also trying to turn some of it into vinegar.

I ordered my first wine kit this week and pitched the yeast last night. I bought a Reserve du Chateau Pinot Nero 55lb kit. I replaced the kit yeast with 10g of rehydrated Lalvin RC212. It's happily fermenting away at 68F.

I'm an active member on the Home Brew Talk forum. Unfortunately their wine section gets as many hits as the beer section on this forum. Hence why I'm here now.

My desire to make wine is to truly get my wife on board with my fermentation addiction. She thinks my beers are ok even though I've won multiple awards at large competitions. I want to make something that "wows" her. I'm hoping this kit I started will do the trick.

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Welcome Aaron!!! I too Am from Mawoky, lol, South side(airport area) to be exact. You will learn a ton from the folks on this forum, been buggin them for 3 years now and as always if you have a question, it will get answered quickly so dont be afraid to ask, and who knows , maybe we can get together and swap bottles and compare wines and recipes. Go Packers ! and Brewers!
I'm southside near Jackson Park. I'm always interested in meeting other fermenters. It'll be a while before I have any wine to give out. Beer on the other hand...

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