Inexpensive Labels (8pp - Leter-sized)

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Mar 5, 2010
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Ok so i found a cheap way to make labels (8pp, letter-size).

Go to
I originally went to print off a blank one of these little organizers for a 8pp template and then i saw "pdf to pocketmod converter", and thought to myself...hmmm.

What you do is design your label in a program that can save to pdf, I used Microshaft Office Word.
I did a quick sample page and copied it 8 times (1 page = 1 label).
Saved it as a pdf and used the "pdf to pocketmod" converter.
Saved it as a new pdf.

Attached is the "labels" pdf.
Half of them are upside down because that is the way you would normally fold the page to make the little book.

REMEMBER: Don't judge my design abilities, this was a quick one-off kind of thing as:
1st - i am at work.
2nd - i didn't want to spend a whole helluva lot of time on a "may work".

i will print off on gummed paper (not stickers), I got a good deal on some on Ebay that has that parchment-look. i guess one sheet, undivided sticker paper would work, as well as regular paper and gluestick.

Tell me what you guys think.

View attachment Wine Labels.pdf
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My cell camera sucks, but here are 2 labels i made.
The one on the left says "Big Ogree Presents" above and "Blueberry Wine May - 2010" below. (This is the one i uploaded, my son said he liked it because it says "Big Ogree Presents", so i used it.)
The one on the right says "Blueberry Wine - May 2010"

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55 views, and not one reply (other than mine)?
i appreciate constructive criticism.
Not bad, I like the name Big Ogree, catchy name for your wine.

I have been experimenting with a few labels also....but have no pics.
I've been trying to come up with a "winery" name.....nothing good so far. I like yours.:p

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