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  1. DCTWinemaker

    My First Bottling!

    Completed my first bottling, a Winexpert Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi II. In retrospect, I wish I had purchased new bottles. I saved my used wine bottles for about 6 months. Only thing I didn't count on was the variety of bottle shapes. I used a 3 1/2" x 5" label, which didn't work well with...
  2. A

    Easy to remove bottle labels?

    So I’m making wine and that’s meant to be kept for a while, but in the meantime I like to make things like tepache and root beer, and for those I’d like to add a label that I could easily remove and replace. Any suggestions on printer sticker paper that I could easily take off?
  3. romanpayne

    Experienced Wine Label Designer: new to forum

    I am a wine label designer with 10 years of experience. I found this interesting forum while looking for a place to post my latest article: "A THEORY OF MODERN WINE LABEL ART DESIGN" Any feedback on the article is most welcome! I'm also available to design your labels at a very affordable...
  4. Noontime

    Noontime Labels Contest- Win Free Labels

    "Name That Label" Custom Wine Label Contest Name our new label template, and win free labels! We’re giving away FREE WINE LABELS to two lucky people who help us name our new wine label. Two ways to win: Everyone who enters the contest has a chance to win a set of labels from our label...
  5. UglyBhamGuy

    Inexpensive Labels (8pp - Leter-sized)

    Ok so i found a cheap way to make labels (8pp, letter-size). Go to I originally went to print off a blank one of these little organizers for a 8pp template and then i saw "pdf to pocketmod converter", and thought to myself...hmmm. What you do is design your label in a...