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Jan 2, 2010
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I'm going to try this the next time it rains.

When you are driving in heavy blinding rain in the day or night and you can not pull over. Put your sunglasses on. The sunglasses will remove the blinding reflection of daylight and evening headlights. You will still see the rain hit your windshield but you will no longer see the sheet of falling rain. Your visability will actually increase.

Another safety tip is NEVER use your cruise control when it's raining. When your car begins to be lifted by the rain, called hydro-planing, your car interpets it as slowing down and will accelerate to keep up the speed. Eventually when your car tires touch the roadway you will be launched into the air out of control and will be unable to stop....well until you hit something. Even at a safe speed this can occur.

Some vehicles like the Toyota Sienna Ltd. XLE will not allow you to engage cruise control with the wipers on.
interesting info steve, thanks.
if you'll do a rain dance, i would LOOve to try the sunglasses in the rain trick. hubby has been laying irrigation pipe for his crops. makes him grouchy and just a little:bt
It makes sense with the polarized glasses. Fishermen use them all the time to get rid of the glare on the water surface. Allows them to see fish when others can't.

Most people look at driving as a chore that must be done. You have to really enjoy driving,,, aka going somewhere, to get to the point that driving at night, or in the rain is something enjoyable.
I like driving.
I have to be honest and say, I don't know about winter up North. I've only seen the small amount of snow we've had in Fla., so that would be a learning experience.
Snow, sleet, standing water, black ice.... They're all a little interesting in their own ways... Can turn a car into a bobsled with the blink of an eye though...

The polarization does make sense though, now that im sober enough to comprehend it..
I've only seen the small amount of snow we've had in Fla., so that would be a learning experience.

It can be a lot of fun driving in snow. I have a 4 x 4 but I know that just because I can get up and moving, stopping isn't always as easy. Especially on ice. Some people can't slow down until the next curve and the telephone pole.

One time there was a bunch of us out and I was driving. We encountered a hill that turned ugly with ice. Everyone is freakin' out. I'm taking my time and when we picked up speed heading down hill and there were cars ahead, I pulled to the side of the road. That's where all the gravel is. A great place to regain control.

That split second before everyone figured out what I was actually doing it was sheer terror inside. Ha ha ha.

The truth of the matter is, it's not the snow and ice you need to worry about, it's the other drivers.
Remember where I live.

Too many people especially greenhorns get a false sense of security with four wheel drive.

Four wheels pulling you can get you in alot more trouble than if you only had two.

Seen it a million times.

4x4's were not designed for driving at normal speeds!!!!

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