ill be gone for awhile

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A Wino and proud of it
Sep 8, 2009
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well fellow wine makers, i came to this forum last september and i love it as much as wine making in itself, but unfortuneatly ill be gone for awhile, im getting a divorce and im lossing everything except my house, my kids( i have custody in prior marriage), and vehehicle, i will have no computer and it will be one of the last things i will be replaceing. all came so fast shell be flying out of here saturday and her stuff ( my stuff ):po will be leaving friday before she leaves. ill be back so dont be suprised when i unexpectaly show up again.
happy wine making to all of you.

Divorce stinks. Been through one about 6 years ago. Lost just about everything as well.
Good luck and seek out support if you need it. Take care.
I've been thru diamonds

I've been thru Minks

I've been thru it allllll.


Good luck man, life'll get much better very soon.
will miss you Bryan, come back as soon as you can! Dont let her get the carboys!
We're here for you Bryan...

Let us know if we can do anything to help...
Like Smurfe said... been there, done that... doesn't make it any easier.
Take care...
I been there also. Came home from work and the house was cleaned out. After the shock I realized how much better off I was. Then I took advantage of the empty house and painted all the walls. It was the easiest paint job I ever did. With that said my heart goes out to you, take care of yourself and better days will come eventually. I look forward to you coming back real soon and I know i speak for everyone here. :dg
thank you everybody for the support, and i want let her take the carboys or my bottles of i guess this is my last post before shutting this computer down for the last time. ill see yall soon(i hope) when i get back on my feet again.

by for now Bryan