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Feb 21, 2010
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Jest left ebay, kind of looking for a pump for transfer and degassing, anyway there is a lot of wine making equipment, carboys, corks, bottles, ect. with an opening bid of one dollar, the only catch is there is no shipping local pickup only. Wish I lived closer to NJ
Post the link. what is it for I live in NJ

Sorry Tom but I don't know how to post it where you can just click and it will take you there but if you can get to ebay's home site the item # is 220563089581. Just checked to get the # and it's still at $1.00. From the pictures it looks like three carboys, a corker, plastic stirring spoon, tubing, bottles and just a load of other neat stuff. Good luck
Thanks I found it
What a deal if you can pick up

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