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Dec 12, 2017
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New to the forums and thanks for having me. The wife and I made a few 5-6 batches of wine perhaps 15 years ago. Peach in flavor, don't recall the brand though all batches came out nicely.. for us anyways. They were 30-day kits though we allowed them to sit for 60 before bottling. I'm a beer drinker who enjoys rum and the occasional quality scotch at the fire with a cigar. The wife enjoys her wine along with cheese and crackers. For the last year we've been purchasing the following which she really enjoys and I've got to admit, I've finished off a bottle or two on my own as well.

She's been talking about starting to make her own wine again. I have lots of reading to do to catch up as I forget most of the process. Took stock and in the basement storage found we still had the 6US Gallon plastic container (labeled "True Brew") that I'll have to replace. A 6 Gallon / 23 Liter Glass bottle we can use! A clean bottle brush and a 4oz bag of Potassium Metabisulfite. A bag of 30 9x1.5 Guardian Synthetic Corks which I remember disliking and returned to actual cork. Couple bags of PVC Shrink Capsules and a yellowed Bubbler AirLock that I'll have to replace. We also have about 75 clean empty clear and blue 750ml bottles and 24 green bottles that look to be about 250ml.

The Wines we like... Moscato D'Asti - Nivole & Stella Rosa (In fact most all the Italian D'Asti's we have enjoyed but these are our favorites). She prefers the Stella Rosa.

I understand I'm not likely to match them however was wondering if there are any Kits that might be close to the Italian Moscato D'Asti wines. I found This Italian Moscato Grape Juice from the Asti region with a bit of research. Has anyone used this or offer up any suggestions for us? Also looking for a suggestion to a good 6Gal equipment Kit since I really only have the 6Gal glass that I'll reuse.

EDIT: Looks like that Moscato Grape Juice is only in Canada and we're in Delaware, US. :(

PS.. In my basement storage search, I found a single bottle of the Peach wine we made about 15 or so years ago in among the bottles! Not sure I'm brave enough to open and drink it now lol!

Thanks for any and all suggestions and comments.


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Aug 19, 2015
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The Villages, Florida
I hesitated responding since I cannot answer your question as I have no experience with Moscato wine making. But I do want to welcome you to this forum. You'll members of this forum with a wealth of wine making experience and you'll also find many members, like you, who are fairly new to wine making. All these members are extremely helpful and I'm sure one of them with the knowledge needed to address your question will soon jump in.
Oct 25, 2016
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S. Jersey/Philadelphia area
EDIT: Looks like that Moscato Grape Juice is only in Canada and we're in Delaware, US. :(

Welcome! Cannot speak for any Moscato kits. But you do have options for fresh juice- even in Delaware! Procacci Bros in Philly for fall juice. And Gino Pintos in S Jersey does fall and spring (Chilean/South African).
Hammonton nj. (no actual menu to view until closer to the season)

Pintos also supplies MANY local brew shops who redistribute. Might get lucky and find a shop selling juice pails closer to you. Good luck.

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