i have an idea for skeeter

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Dec 28, 2009
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might sound stupid, but then maybe not, what about 8 pounds of suger yeast and water to make a slurry sollution for skeeter, total cost about $5.00 everyone wants to make wine and use the slurry, this might be a more direct route
I find it easier to follow the recipe. If you dont have a slurry from a previous batch. just follow the recipe and add a strong starter.

No problem.
tell me about the stronger starter, I missed that one
i was a compleete slacker.... i just pitched the yeast on the sugar water ..then added a bottle a day of the lemon after the yeast started bubbling.....i also added the nutrient and the energizer as per instructions... oh and the tannin...

compeete and total slacker here. but i didnt have a slurry either...
that might be the easiest way jeepingchick, your my hero::spm
Used my peach/strawberry slurry. It took off within hours. It has a nice amber color and almost completely clear now.
Doesn't always start properly if you don't use a slurry . I lucked out doing it a little different order with my last batch but I still used a slurry just put it together in different order .The warm weather makes it easier to start any wine I think IMO .