I hate being this guy...Is my wine in trouble?

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Oct 7, 2016
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I've been brewing for a number of years, and decided to take a go at making wine. I've started with an RJS En Primeur Super Tuscan kit, and everything has been going well for the first 6 days, but as I was getting ready to rack from primary to secondary, I saw this little bastard on top of my grape skin bag...

Not liking the cut of his jib, I went to remove the bag, and "plunk"! It slid right into the primary. Not sure what I should do (if anything) at this point other than just wait it out and see what happens, but I'm more than a little disheartened, as I've never had a problem with contamination in brewing, and, unlike brewing, the end point here is a year away, and not a mere couple months.

Any constructive thoughts are appreciated. Here are the details of the process thus far...

RJS En Primeur Super Tuscan kit
Lalvin EC-1118 yeast
Day 0: Printed directions followed. Yeast rehydrated and pitched into 72deg fermenter. 1/2 tsp White Labs WLN 1000 yeast nutrient added at end. SG=1.105, BRIX = 24.1.
Day 1: Stirred must and punched down oak/muslin bag of grape skins.
Day 2: Stirred/Punched. Vigorous fermentation. Temp=81.7, SG=1.0776, BRIX = 11.5
Day 3: Stirred/punch x2. Broke hydrometer (Cazzo!). Temp=85.3
Day 4: Stirred/punched. Still no hydrometer. Temp 83.1
Day 6: Visible mold as shown. SG=1.002, BRIX=0.25. Sample taken. Aromas of black and red fruits. Sharp taste on the tongue. Slightly fizzy (presumably dissolved Co2).

Here are the relevant images..


Thanks, everyone.
wine is more forgiving than beer as regards to contamination due to the ph level. I would rack the wine now. wait three days for any major crud/lees to settle and then rack again. add k-meta per instructions and sorbate if in the kit. go three weeks and rack again add k-meta. somewhere in the process the instructions ask you to degass and add fining agents. follow those instructions. I would the wait three months before even considering bottling longer if possible. I would add 1/4 tsp k-meta for 5 gallons in each application. after bottling age at least 2 years.

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