how to make a wine recipie?

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Mar 28, 2009
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i want to make a mixed berry wine, i found a frozen 3 pound bag of mixed berry's containing blackberries,raspberry and blueberries. And i only want to make a gallon,since i cannot find a recipe strictly for these three all together i just want to know what a general rule of thumb would be for a "standard" recipe of wine like this. (i.e. how many pounds of fruit, how much acid blend, yeast starter/nutrient, k-meta etc.) i have a pretty good idea of the target sg and what to do i just do not know how to make a recipe.

K-meta and nutirent are pretty much always the same. 1 tsp of nutrient per gallon and 1 campden tablet per gallon or 1/4 tsp of powder per 6 gallon(kind of hard to divide that for a 1 gallon recipe unless you have a scale. acid and sugar should really always be adjusted after you have added all water and sqeezed the fruit really good to extract most of what it has to offer as every batch could be very different so an acid test kit or PH meter is pretty important. Adjust almost all fruit recipes sg's to around 1.085-1.090 and you wont hide your flavor with alc. Typically most fruit ratios are around 4-6 lbs per gallon. Most old recipes are short on fruit and high on sg which relates to a wine with little flavor and body and it needs to be aged for at least 1 1/2 years before the fruit can be tasted over the high alc so beware.
Sounds like you were in Sams or Costco. 1st 3# is not enough for 1 gallon double it or use 5# and make a f-pac.
Just use any berry recipe.
You will need
pectic enzyme
clearing agent
yep u guessed it i was at sams i came across this bag of fruit and then found myself looking on my phone for a mixed berry recipe. so i was just wanting to learn how to make my own recipe without having to look for a one. so thanks to both of you what ya'll said really makes sense.:b
I agree, get you 2 of those 3 pound bags of fruit. The rest of the recipe will be pretty standard. Those frozen fruits actually make a better wine than fresh picked as they are normally frozen at the peak of ripeness. Frozen fruit release juice better as well. If you ever use fresh fruit, freeze it a couple weeks first. If I use a fruit sack for a wine I normally use around 30 pounds or better for a 5 gallon batch.
even though this is for a huckleberry wine it would also be alright for the bags of mixed berries correct??


4 lbs huckleberries
2-1/2 lbs sugar
1-1/2 tsp acid blend
1 tsp yeast nutrient
1 crushed Campden tablet
7-1/4 pts water
1 pkt Champagne wine yeast
Put water on to boil. Meanwhile, sort and wash the berries, discarding any not sound or ripe. Put the huckleberries in a primary and mash them with a sanitized potato masher or piece of hardwood. Add sugar to primary and pour boiling water over berries and sugar, stirring to dissolve. Cover with sanitized cloth and set aside to cool to room temperature. When cool, add remaining ingredients except yeast. Stir, recover primary and set aside 24 hours. Add activated yeast. When fermentation is vigorous, stir twice daily for 10 days. Strain through a nylon straining bag without squeezing. Drip drain 30-45 minutes and pour juice into secondary. Attach airlock and set aside. Rack every 60 days for 6 months, topping up and refitting airlock each time. At last racking, rack into bottles or stabilize, sweeten to taste, wait 10 days, and rack into bottles. This will be a very smooth wine.
Acid and sugar could be way off. You can go by taste for acid and get somewhere in the ball park but use your hydrometer to adjust Sg properly. I dont see pectic enzyme in this recipe and recomend its use. Just use the manufacturers recomendations for that. Otherwise it looks ok.
Thanks for the Huckleberry wine recipe, I was looking just that sort of recipe. I found a huge huckleberry patch that I plan to pick for winemaking this year. Can I use a different yeast? I really don't like champagne yeast, I would prefer using Cote Des Blanc for a fruity flavor.
I would prefer using Cotes Des Blanc on that myself or Montrachet. Ive had some great darker berry fruit wines with Pasteur Red also and am experimenting as we speak with 2 raspberry wines using the same amounts of everything but 1 has Montrachet and the other has Pastuer Red so I can taste them side by side. Champyne yeast does a good job also so dont exclude from your fruit wines.