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Jul 24, 2009
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Hello All,
I apologize in advance if the answer to my question was already posted. But I am wanting to grow some grape vines in my back yard. Hopefully riesling and pinot noir, if possible. My question, is it feasible to grow these types of grapes in central Florida? If so great. If not what types of grapes are best suited for the Florida climate? Thank you all for your time.
Welcome aboard. I applaud your desire to grow grapes for your own wines. Unfortunately the varietals you desire will be close to impossible to grow in your region. I too live in the Deep South in South Louisiana. About the only viable grape to grow here as well as your area are the Muscadine varieties. Most varietals are acceptable to various diseases which most are prevalent in our area due to the climate.

It is possible to grow the grapes you desire but it will be extensive work and dedication. The bigger issue is if you do indeed get them to grow you have to worry about the quality of the grapes in regards to the quality of the wine. Just because you can indeed grow a Pinot does not guarantee they will be wine quality. You may want to look around the link I enclosed from the Florida Grape Growers Association for further information.
Another welcome,,, I'm a newbie here also.
What part of Central Florida do you hail from? We might be neighbors. I too would like to grow some grapes here at home but wonder if it's worth growing the Muskies or just buying kits with good grape juice in it.