How do you prefer to prepare your yeast before pitching?

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Oct 26, 2008
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We know there are three basic methods for introducing your yeast.

Sprinkle it on top, re-hydrate it, or make a starter.

Although all three methods will, and should work, as experienced brewers. which method would you choose?
Those reading the other thread know my pov.

Sprinkle on top.

I've only made kits to date and sprinkle on top, as directed - have never had a problem - fermentation has always started within 12 hours.
.. Doug
We do mostly kits and generally sprinkle on top.

We have made a couple of starters just to try it using orange juice. We haven't tried the suggestion yet of using the actual must to make the starter but want to give that a try on our next.

So far we've not had a miss with any of our methods. I believe as long as the yeast is fresh enough, and sanitation is good all works well.
Most of my wine is from juice. I've never done a kit. Using Lalvin yeast, I add to 2 ounces of warm water (@100 degrees, not higher). Give a brief shake. (Not me, the yeast)! After 15 minutes I add to the juice and stir.
When you pour a hydrated yeast it's able to thoroghly mix into the must. Sprinkled yeast has a harder time taking hold. Here's a photo of yeast sprinkled on the top of a must:

Ive done all three over the years nd tthe starter is more work but wrth the extra time as it can be started before hand and get your must fermenting in no time ate all. Its especially important for beer as beer is more susceptible toto infections so getting some alc in there to protect it faster is the way to go.

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