How do I turn off email notifications?

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Oct 26, 2008
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Can't find it. Might be easier if you just tell me.

I participate often enough that I don't need these. I go to check my email, and I end up with LOTS of messages in response to a thread I may have been involved with, it's really not a problem, but it is unnecessary for me and sometimes can be annoying.

I always enjoy hearing from you all, but I want to stop this.

Please Advise.

Its under edit profile then browsing options way on the bottom right as a check off. If you cant find it still let me know and Ill shut it off for you.
Wade, I can't find itt. i remeber checking it but, I can't see it. if you don't mind shut it off. Please don't be mistaken, I LOVE to hear these responses, but I don't need them filling up my email. Thanks man.

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