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Jan 5, 2009
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Both of my juice wines look like this. One has been cleared with Super Kleer. The other has not. They have both been sitting untouched for close to a month. But, they both look like this. It is my understanding that you should not be able to see a light beam. This indicates and issue.
What steps can I take to clear this? Is this a protein haze? Pectin haze?
Thanks in advance.

what sort of wine is it?

can we have the recipe and methodology ( if you have already listed that .. point me to it with a link )

Allie :bt
Is this the Wine Juice you got from Corrado's?
Didn't you have a problem with them after you got them?
What temp is the wine?
etc like St Allie said..
It's grape juice, I wouldn't think it'd be a protein haze..

My suggestion would be to..

try adding pectinase now the fermentation is complete.. I gather you've degassed thoroughly and sorbated/sulphited?

pectinase will work after the fermentation finishes.. it just doesn't work in the presence of an active yeast fermentation. Then put it in a cool place and let it settle out..

Thanks I'll give that a try. I'll have to pick some pectic enzyme up next week. Should this be done after a fining agent? One has been fined and degassed the other has not but they both have the same haze.
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your fining agent will have long since settled out.. did you rack after the superkleer?

If there is any sediment, I'd rack and then apply the pectic enzyme.

give it 12 hours.. then sulphite if it's been a month.

find a cool dark place for it, check again in a month.. time will do the rest.

Allie's right..
patience will work on most wines (then again a little help would also work). I usually dont bottle for 6-12 months on wine juice. You may want to call Corrado's and see if he has had problems like this. Also keep him updated as your 1st problem when you 1st got it.
I'm trying to use pectic enzyme as a clarifier... my question is...
How long after adding pectic enzyme should I rack?
Pectic will not clear wine. It will take some pectic haze out. For clearing I would suggest super kleer, isinglass, sparkolloid, even an egg white.
Thanks Tom.
I ran Super Kleer through it. It is still a bit hazy. I racked and added PE to see if it could help in clearing the haze. Just wondering how long I can let the wine sit on the PE.
You can let it sit for as long as U want. It will not give any off flavors.
Give it "time"
Some wines are just a PIA to clear

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