How degassed does my wine have to be to continue?

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Mar 5, 2017
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I'm in the process of making Merlot from a kit. Fermentation has ended. SG= .992 on Friday. I transferred into a carboy.

I know how important degassing is and know that I shouldn't introduce fining ingredients until it is fully degassed. Over the last 4 days, I have degassed my wine several times a day using a whip on a drill. Today, I did the degas test (1/3 into a bottle, shake and look for air escaping. I could hear air escaping when I lifted my thumb off the bottle and also there was a little foaming.

I plan to bulk age it in the carboy for 6 months. I've read that the wine continues to degas while in the carboy.

Should I continue to degas over the next few days until there is no build-up in the bottle, or it is safe to add the fining ingredients, k-Meta and put it in the carboy.

I've already learned so much from all of you. Thank you.
What is your wine's temperature? If you have it in the low-mid 70's, the gas will come out much more easily. However, it sounds like you've probably got most of it out. Since you're planning to bulk age, I don't see much harm in moving to the next step.
I should have added that there's been no noticeable activity from the airlock in these four days.

Yes, you've degassed enough to go ahead and add the next items. You will know quickly if you aren't degassed enough as some of the stuff will 'curdle' and float to the top on the CO2. If that happens just stir a bit more and mix it back in. That's rare, and it looks a lot worse than it is.
I always bulk age for 6 months at 50 degrees, then bring to 70 degrees, then degas, then stabilize let sit for a few hours, then bottle.
I'm wary of the same thing. I degas the hell outta my wine in fear that I haven't done enough. But I've let off of that a bit. I bulk age a minimum of 6 months and trying to get to 12 months, so I figure as long as I give it a good once over, it'll work itself out during the bulk aging process.

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