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Aug 2, 2009
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Hey there. I am making wine from a Liebfraumilch concentrate. It's Alexanders. It is really brown. Like, rootbeer brown. I have fermented it to
sg .990 and sweetend slightly. It is a little weak tasting. Not sure I'm gonna like it but really it's the brown color I am worried about. Should I be concerned?:a1
thanks Laurie
Is it brown from the juice or from Oxidation? I guess either way try some and let the taste be your guide. Unless there is mold or something it shouldn't hurt you.
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Liebfraumilch usually has a slight golden or brownish TINT but not like root beer. Did you check the date on the can? Who was the manufacturer and what were the steps you followed?

I've only made Liebfraumilch from a kit so not sure I can offer full advise here but it does sound like oxidation from allowing too much exposure to oxygen or from an old can.
The can was out dated. I got it cheap! Should have been a clue. It was very dark from the day I opened the can. I followed the instructions on the can. Brand was Alexanders sun country. I was hoping that the color would lighten with time but it really does look like root beer and I can't see it getting that much lighter.
Id hit it with sulfite if it is done fermenting and also hit it with SuperKleer KC as it will take some of that brown away. It may be a bit oxidized but its still fine just discolored most likely, maybe a slight different taste but give it a try with the SuperKleer, it did a decent ob on a frindes wine that was oxidized lke you state, more then I had thought it would.
Thanks for the advice. I racked it and sulfited it. Maybe I will pick up some Superkleer and try that as well. Thanks again. this is a great forum and I appreciate all the help!
Till the next problem Laurie

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