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Still Trying To Make The Perfect Wine and Now Tryi
Nov 5, 2012
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Anyone dealt with this company before? They have a RJS Cru Coffee dessert wine for $114 with free shipping. Thinking about grabbing it.
I think I may have gotten a thing or two from them via Amazon, but not directly from them. The reviews on them are great with 30k+ reviews in the past 12 months.
I bought a couple carboys and miscellaneous supplies from them back in October and they delivered quickly and provided good communication. I have not purchased any kits from them.
Ok, thanks. Looking at that kit from Amazon. I will give them a call to make sure it is this years and then get it.

Update: Very nice lady answered, said it was this years. $114 incl. shipping so not bad. Plus I had $60 in rewards from our fitness program at work so total came to just under $50.
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I have to applaud your choice for spending your fitness reward dollars. If you're going to work out you ought to get some discounted wine out of it.


Yeah, they get a kick out of it here at work. I have worked out/competed for a lot of years so I figure if they are going to pay me a little for it, why not. I will be working out either way. It is either a $10 reward to Amazon each month or to Starbucks. Since I roast my own coffee, I don't need Charbucks.

On a side note, HUGE kudos to Home Brew Ohio. Ordered the kit on Monday afternoon and it arrived Thursday.