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Dec 28, 2009
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I have some white zin that has been in the final carboy for about 3 weeks, it has a ta reading of 10 (high) but it taste pretty good, should i lower and if so what do you recomend. can i put the whole carboy in the garage 32 to 25 degrees for 2 or 3 days and rack off?????
typical CS would last longer than 2-3 days, you are likely to need 1-2 weeks at the temps you mentioned maybe 2-3, i have some CS-ing right now that i will give a week -two weeks but i am hitting temps of upper teens to low 30's...i am a bit suprised you have a 1.0 w zin .....some of my cols season grapes are in that range..but i have never had a CA grape come in that high and have not had to do a CS on to make it come into a range...because it always was in a good range

are you sure about your reading? i ask because you seem happy w the taste....and a 1.0 doesnt often do that
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I agree that it is very high for that type of a grape and that it would require much more time then you stated to cold stabilize that much acidity out. Are you sure your acid test has fresh activators and that you read that right?
I know it is high, I made it that way, trying to bring the acid level up and got carried away with the tartness taste and before I knew it..... had to much
well if it tastes pretty good, that is most of the battle

have you thought of adding water (ouch)..try a bench sample
I will try water, I'm in the mood for a bench sample. I have it in cs now, what do you think about adding potassium bicarbonate
well that will drop some acid...watch your ph as you do it...you might even try 2-3 stages of CS...do a bit...rack and test and taste then try some more

i would do cs before PC

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