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Before you do anything you must check all your local and national laws.
Have you made wine before? Start up cost can be very high.
Welcome Aryan. Youll have to tell us what you mean by help you. Are you asking about growing grapes, producing wine, or everything entailed.
Welcome aboard Aryan. please tell us more on what you have planned. I have been reading where India is considered to be one of the next great wine spots of the world. Are you going to have a vineyard and winery or just a winery? Do you have any other's in your area doing the same? Have you looked into what grapes are grown in your area? This will help you with the style of wines you can produce.
Yes indian wines do have a bright future.Indian wine industry is concentrated mainly in the areas around sahyadri hills in nashik.Top wine grapes in india are shiraz and zinfandel.

Wine grapes have completely transformed the lives of local farmers infact they are encouraged by the state government to grow grapes.So it you ever go to ask you can find endless stream of wine farms along the way.

I think you should visit nashik and visit wineries and have the first hand idea of wine scene there.