hi from west central indiana

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Mar 21, 2010
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I've been lurking the recipe section a while and thought I'd say hi. I've been making wine a little while, definitely no expert. I'm also a collector of aquatic plants and I mod over on APC (aquaticplantcentral). Theres a lot of primitive brewing involved in aquarium plant keeping - as a cheap way to feed CO2 to the plants. nasty ferments though, I wouldn't taste any of them - or at least I wouldn't admit to it.

anyway, cheers everybody and I'm hoping to pitch yeast on this concoction today :

Looks like it will make a nice early drinker as long as you keep the starting sg down.
I'm aiming for a 3 gallon batch with OG 1.080, we'll see where it ends up after the pectin works on it. The white grape - pom was a discovery that I noticed at the store and I thought the color was nice, same price as the 100% white grape but included no k-meta because its an apple / WG / pom blend (I assume). flavor's surprisingly good, I had to keep myself out of it when mixing up the batch. I think I'll backsweeten with the pom, but not sure yet.

the motts was on sale for $3.80/G and the demerara was only $3.54 for 44oz. If I can get all my notes and pics arranged I will try a recipe / journal if anybody would be interested. the demerara really darkened the mixture. I think it will turn out great and hope the sugar's aroma comes through on the finished wine.

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