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New to home winemaking since june 2008. Most of my wine is from my small garden: Strawberries, Beet, Peach (neighbors), Plum (neighbor), Blueberry (grocery store), Concord grape (from my one grape vine), and last is Jalapeno/Habanero/Raisin (now this is not right..neighbors and friends think I am crazy). Have not bottled any yet... all in secondary fermentors. The strawberry will be ready in two weeks.

For me this is a learn as you go and all my education is from the internet. I have two beer and wine stores in the area but they are not interested in assisting nor do they have the knowledge. They do enjoy taking my cash for supplies but I started purchasing everything I need from the internet. Their main interest is Beer making..

Issue I have is that I dont drink so I need to find some wine drinking enthusiasts that can let me know if I should dump my wine down the drain. Looking forward to communicating with other home winemakers.
Good Store in Boulder

Hey Bob,
There is supposedly a good store in Boulder to get supplies from, just off of Table Mesa and Foothills (on the eastern side of Foothills Pkwy and just south of Table Mesa). I've never been there, but I've known people that have and found it a helpful store. I'm a recent transplant to the Pacific NW, and only very recently got into meadmaking. So, all my equipment is from local stores or online.
You may want to call and see if they have what you're looking for. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the store, but a quick internet search'll probably bring up something.
Hope this helps.
Howdy! I too am fairly new too this. I have been brewing wine since 2006 and really enjoy the hobby. My father in Montana has an orchard and large garden so I am sort of approaching it the same way as you. Concord grapes, plumbs, strawberries, apples, blackberries, pumpkin, and wild picked huckleberries all organically grown so it only costs me the time to pick the stuff, some sugar and chemicals from online order.

Since I am a beekeeper I also do a couple batches of mead per year which has been fairly successful.

I am sure you will have no trouble finding taste testers to give you thumbs up or down on your wine. I'd love to volunteer but I live in Seattle. This is really a good web site and Luc's advice on here is top notch. I usually get my recipes and additional info from Jack Keller's web site which is also very good.

Welcome aboard.

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