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Sep 25, 2008
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This is the first time making wine. I started with a bang in Sept

I started with 3-5 gallon juice pails of Pinot Grigio Regina Juice not a kit on Sept. 23 Went through the intial fermentation then racked to carboys on Oct 2 Made sure it was topped up and put on an airlock with water. On Nov 1 racked again and added sulfite. I have done nothing to them since then. I am just letting it clear on its own. The color looks more like a chardonnay then a pinot grigio. I have noticed very tiny bubbles coming to the top of the carboys so I decided to taste them yesterday. The wine was very fizzy when I put it in the glass swirled it a little and the fizz went away. But the taste was, the best word to use was BLAH. Most Pinots I drink are very crisp and a little acidic. This was neither. All 3 carboys pretty much tasted the same very non-descript. I was wondering if I should just leave them like this to clear more, will more time allow the taste to change for the better. Is there something I could add to them. I am trying to make my wines with as little chemical additives as possible. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

PS: I am also making 3-5 gallon carboys of Merlot and 6 gallon carboy of Grenache all from Regina juice pails. I am doing the same process as above and all four carboys taste delicious. I put oak in 1 merlot rasians in the other and nothing in the 3rd one or the grenache.

Thanks in advance,

Do you know what the starting sg. and finished sg. are on these wines?

Its possible that you have a mlf(malolactic fermentation) going on in your wine now.
Sounds more to me like they need to be degased and the acid level checked and maybe added to if they are low.
The starting SG was 1.090 and one ended at .990 and the other two ended at .996


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