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Oct 15, 2009
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I used Wade's Chocolate Port recipe, but instead of strawberry I used orange consentrate..It started out as a nightmare, but it's comming along pretty well. I doubled the recipe and now after 4 weeks, I just racked it a 2nd time. The problem is I have about 20% lees on the bottom, So How do I top off? I have some everclear to add to it, but it wont be enough...Any ideas on what to use???
Thanks again everyone !

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I answered my own question, I went out and bought a 3 gal carboy, I already had a 1 gal. split it up and it worked out pretty well, now it just needs to age a little. I'm waiting for my chocolate extract to add to it before bottling.
Sorry, I was looking at this post last night and then some friends came over and we got ripped drinking my home brew and I orgot to answer this post, my computer was still on this post this morning when I woke up to go to work, I never even shut the computer down last night! :)
We can talk but it will have o wait till after I brew some more beer cause the supplies took a hit last night! :)
Question for you, ( or anyone else ) My chocolate port has been racked into two carboys ( 3 gal & 1 gal ) I've added everclear, 2 lts to the 4 gals. I've added 6 oz of Chcolate extract, it's been sitting that way for about a week now, and I tasted it, but I get a very strong alcohol taste. Any ideas on how to get rid of this?
With lots of patience!!!!!! The higher the abv the longer you need to let it mellow. Did you do the math, whats the abv now?
Thanks, I did the math, and if I' correct, it is 19% abv. I don't mind letting it sit as long as it takes, I'll taste test it every couple of weeks.

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