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Oct 26, 2008
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here is some clipart I found.

I want to make a label for my rose hip flower wine.

I am lost beyont this picture.

Any ideas? Names, design, etc.

Steal it if you like it. I just have a feeling it should be a label.


Roses in the hair.jpg
dang, you called me out.

Let me sleep on it.
i CAN see rose petal wine in a bottle with this on the label.
I know you can bro, thats why I conjured you up.
I appreciate your vision. I see something, just dont know what. doesnt need to be a crowded label, just something to reflect the beauty of the wine and the woman, and of course the flower that made it.
Troy, you're actually letting something sit long enough to need a label? You've changed man.:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?:?
Maybe Leanne is rubbing off on you. :sm
That's a nice start to the label though my friend.
As long as she doent make me dress like that! LOL

I actually painted that myself, I was just trying to be modest!!


It is a great looking image though, I just love it, and her, and Leanne, and my wine, and all of you all.

Thats why I asked for your involvement.
Troy, how about in the upper left or right area of the label you punch out a rose shape and let the color of the wine show thru. You could get a punch at a craft store pretty cheap.

I like it.
I like that well!

I made some last year and it is a beautiful lite pink. Leanne is going to make me bottle this one so I want it to be grand. I'll definitely add it to my ideas on this.
I dont want to sell her! LMAO

Cellar just doesnt sound right, we cant hardly dig in the ground here. Permafrost.

Cavern, cave, pehaps.

Arctic Rose sounds good but it just doesnt have what I see.

Keep em coming
Ok bear in mind it is late, i have no idea what the % alcohol or what not is and this is just me being OCD and having to have something to do tonight.


Too much gold?
Critique. Constructively, please.
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Could we make this label like the pen my dad use to have where when you turn it upside down her clothes would come off?

I know, off to the corner again. I'll say hi to MadMike for ya.
i also thought of moving the roses out of the medallion to where the black spaces are and putting the name, %, etc in the medallion.

Like this.
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Holy smokes man!!!!! Thats it. THAT IS IT!!

12% ABV

Dont know about the name. It doesnt have to be arctic related.

I realy like "Victorian Rose" or "Victorian Blush"

Still taking ideas.

Man thats fantastic. What program did you say you were using?

That is it!!!!

I nominate you for our unofficial official label maker.

Thanks man.
Pehaps. I ikethe presence of the roses, but because it is a subtle wine putting the info in there might be perfect. The roses are already present in her hair.

Like you, I dont see any reason to crod up the label and take away from the beautiful portrait

You may be Ugly, but you dah man!!

Thats great work my friend.
I am thinking on eac side of the medalion, the abv on one side and the year on the other.

In the middle maybe the name of the celar, vinter etc.

The name of the wine itself perhaps somewhere in the main body of the label,

UBG, this is great. You will drink it before us!!
Figured i would do the alternate label for visual effect.

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Tone down the gold a bit on the medallion. More brown like the frame around the portrait.

I am speechless. This absolutely great.

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