help i m new at this

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Dec 17, 2008
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Hello to all, I m new at this and after racking a couple times and bottling my wine there seems to be sedments in the bottom of the wine bottles... What am i doing wrong? Any help i would be grateful for....Thanks.
The bottom line is that you bottled too early. Perhaps you can tell us about the wine. What recipe (if any) that you followed, etc etc.

I agree that we need more info to analzye this wine but must say that unless it is wine diamonds(titrate that has precipated out at cooler temps) then you have bottled to early. Are you storing these bottles at very cool temps, that would make a wine drop the diamonds but they would be very gritty where as sediment is very soft and typiacally very easily stirred back into your wine making it cloudy.
This is my first batch of grape wine and i was told to let it ferment and sat 2 weeks then rack then sat 2 more weeks rack again then bottle... bad info huh? Lol.. Sedments are soft ,thin and cloudy.After fermenting is done how long do i wait to rack and how many times do i rack and then let it sit before bottling?Seems like you guys are on top of your Any help would be great thank you guys..... The bottles wasn t stored in cool temps.
I rack afetr I accumulate about an inch the first time and then every other month until there is no sediment dropping anymore. I also sulfite and sorbate when its done fermenting and then sulfite every 3 moths after that. Most of us actually like to let it bulk age for 6 months to a year.
This is my first batch of grape wine

OK I'll bite, fresh grapes, grape juice, grape concentrate, grape wine kit?

4 weeks to bottling from fresh or frozen grapes will probably result in more sediment than wine.

BTW have you asked the person who told you what to do?

Sorry about that cpfan.... It was grape concentrate that i used and i dont think i want to listen to my source anymore i'd rather learn from you guys lol... any help or tips would be great.Just think i got bad info...Thank you.
I'm a wine kit guy, so I'll stay out of this. Did you use Welch's frozen juice or another concentrate? Anything that you can tell us may help someone to help you.

Without using a fining agent thats way to early to bottle and even pushing it with a fining agent.
Patience is the first thing you should learn.

When you bottled the wine was it really clear ???

If there is any haze whatsoever in a wine there will
form sediment over time.
So wait until the wine is really clear and then bottle.

Two weeks is a too short time for a wine to clear, so
you really should have waited longer.


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