HELP can I start w/o hydrometer?

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Sep 14, 2016
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I was cleaning and sanitizing all my equipment to start two kit batches today, and broke the hydrometer. My home brew opens at 11am tomorrow. Can I start and pitch yeast, and wait to take first reading tomorrow. Or should I call it a day and wait until tomorrow? I'm buying three tomorrow.
If you are talking about kits, I would say you could go for it. In my experience, the SG does not fall in one day, so your reading tomorrow will be valid. In fact, if you are using a grape pack, you probably will get a more accurate reading tomorrow than today (as the sugars release from the grape pack).

I would NOT start any batch where I had to follow a recipe or add sugar, however.
I agree, with the consensus that as long as you check the SG within the first 12-18 hours it's not likely to drop much - Unless the must temp is in the upper 70s even then not much is going to happen. You'd be best off to have your SG taken before you see a foam cap.
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Side note for this of us who have broken hydrometers. I do own three regular ones, but just purchased an unbreakable one, it is plastic. Send to measure almost exactly the same as my glass ones. A couple of downsides to it. Had to buy from Northern Brewer and it is totally white, as in doesn't have color indicators, which I find a little bit easier to read. Big upside though that it no break when I dropped it.
I never use my hydrometer. Wine tastes fine, and its alcohol content or % is what it is, and knowing the number doesn't effect the taste good or bad.
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