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Dec 4, 2009
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Hello All, My Name is James and I just moved here from northeastern Missouri (I'm about 30 miles East of Downtown St Louis on the Illinois Side of the river). This is a hobby that I practiced when I was younger and Have recently revived with a vengance. I recently quit smoking and diverted the money I was spending to the purchase of new equipment and supplies. So far since I began vinting again I have made a Strawberry/Rhubarb Melomel, Spiced Pumpkin and a medium bodied Apple wine.
Welcome Gnome. Would be interested to see your pumpkin recipe, please post it. A couple people were asking about a pumpkin wine in the last week or so. Share with us and we'll share right back.

Great forum to be in, don't be afraid to ask. Look through ssome of the past threads and use the search engine in here.

Nice to have you on board, look forward to hearing from you.

I used a modified version of Jack Kellers Recipe ( I used a reduced ammount of Brown Sugar instead of White and added Cinnamon Sticks, nutmeg and allspice to give it more of a "baked pumpkin" pie flavor)
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I think it was X who was asking about making it from canned pumpkin. I am not familiar with Jacks recipe, did it call for the canned or shreaded fresh?

If you decide to post it, do so in the recipe thread section. We would all like to see it.

Take Crae,

It called for shredded Punpkin but I found a nifty little device that is designed to make fine cut french fries which I used to (pardon the pun) cut down the labor portion of shredding the flesh. I am a little hesitant to repost Jacks recipe but I'll post a link to it.
Don't be hesitant, we'll judge for ourselves. Couple restaurants here offer french fries made from sweet potatoes and they are flippin outrageous.

So you gonna share or not? We don't necessarily want to see Jacks recipe, we want to see what you did, You did keep notes, didn't you? LOL
Gnome, I think you need 10 posts to include an attachment, but you shouldn't have any problem, copying and pasted a link.
Welcome and the Melomel sounds very good, ive done a few of these and will make many more, I have a cyser ready to bottle now.
Welcome aboard. I grew up in South Central Illinois about 60-70 miles north/east of East St Louis and lived and worked in St Louis for years until I moved to Louisiana. Wish I was still there. I really miss St Louis. Glad to have you here.
The Melomel did indeed turn out great. My next project will be Cranberry/Pomegranate Claret & after that I will be in search of a Pecan Wine recipe. I have considered simply substituting Pecans in place of almonds in a recipe I have for Almond wine.

Love your avatar. "I was born, a poor black child".

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the quitting smoking thing. YUP, you can save a TON of money and divert it to other interests.

Quit six years ago myself and have never looked back.

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