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Welcome to WMT!

Country wine maker here. If it doesn't run away it's going to be wine.
You'll hear the name Jack Keller now and then. He did a lot with mustang grapes - and everything else!
This is a link to a PDF collection of a couple hundred recipes. I'm sure a few will get your attention.

Good luck and prayers with the work you're doing. It saddens me that there's a need for it.
Like Maj Gen Smedley Butler said, "War is a racket."
I actually have the book "Home Winemaking" by Jack Keller.
Hello from the Panhandle of Texas. I am a first time wine maker. Well I have not even made any yet. I am very interested in getting into wine making. I am 52 and run a Non Profit that gets Combat Veterans into the outdoors. Hope to get some good tips from all of you.
Hello @huntingwithsoldiers , any updates on your winemaking?
Welcome to WMT! A lot of folks have found Jack Keller's recipes to be a bit short on fruit and long on alcohol. I suggest following his recipe at first, but know that it's easy to tweak for the next batch if the first isn't quite there.

That being said, most wine needs time to improve. Quick drinkers to get your feet wet are Skeeter Pee and, as mentioned earlier, Dragonblood (a variation of SP). While they also smooth out and improve over time, they really are drinkable right away.

The nice thing about wine making is once it's under airlock, you really can procrastinate most steps when life gets in the way. I started a kit wine on Sunday morning and we went to the cabin Sunday afternoon. This kit does not require stirring so the yeastie beasties are just doing their thing while I am gone!