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Apr 10, 2010
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Hello from Wa! I have a sister whos a homebrewer so always have beer so i've decided to try my had at wine. Still very new to this and learning lots (all i've made so far is some hard cider) but i want to make some red wine soon and some floral wines. Will probably have lots of questions but im not afraid to ask! Thank you.:spm
Hello Celestyal and welcome to our forum,

what wine is first on your list of wines to make?

I think a good Red is on my list, any good Recommendations? I personally have not found a red that i like (to bitter). So i wouldn't mind making one but don't really know where to start...what's your fav?
the general consensus when we are asked this question..

is to suggest that you make something you enjoy drinking.

what about a white wine? If you make a kit wine .. they are earlier drinking than fruit wines from scratch.

White wines will be drinkable much faster as they have lot less (TDS) Total Dissolved Solids to deal with mainly because they are pressed and removed from the wine before fermentation unlike reds where they are fermented with them to extract color and tannins. These tannins are very harsh for quite some time needing lots of time for them to mellow out into the wine unlike a white wine. I would decide what kind of wine you like be either buying a few commercial bottles or by going to do some wine tastings and local vineyards although some of those depending upon where you live may not be purchased as a kit wine or even fresh juice bucket sometimes.
Hello and welcome from the big white rock up north
start a white and a red as soon as possible because you can drink the white whilethe red ages and by then you will have decided to like red too :)

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