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Welcome PA-PFS! There are quite a few of us from PA on this forum. I'm in central PA near Harrisburg, only been making wine for 7 years (kinda getting the hang of things now).
If you are ever in need of hybrid wine grapes let me know. We have a vineyard near McConnelllsburg, PA. Noiret, Steuben, Melody, Niagara, Arandell, Marquette, Cayuga White and Vidal. At the moment we still have Noiret and Vidal available.
Denise: Thank you for your kind offer. We have always worked with vinifera in the past.

However, we have discussed hybrids. After tasting some of the local offerings we may be open to them in the future. The products we tasted have come along way in the last decade or two. While we already made the order for the fall crush, we'll keep you in mind.

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