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Apr 18, 2009
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Hi My name is mike, I am 33 and a father of 5 from PA. I just got into wine making last fall when I went on a trip to vivit my wife's family. We stopped at a fruit stand near Erie, PA And I purchased a basked full of concord and a basket full of Niagara grapes. I made 2 2.5 gallon batches consisting of 50/50 concord/niagara grapes I started both in mid october and bottled the first batch in early february and the other in early march. I was very surprised at the differences in the two. the first was sweet and very fruity, the second had a higher alcohol content and was moderately fruity. I have just started my second batch, a 5 gallon batch of apple wine, which is what brings me here. I will be asking some questions about it very soon.

1st WELCOME to our group.
Where in PA are you from? I amd from NJ. Any other wine experience? What kind of wines do you like? Here you can get all of your questions answered. Whats on the radar... :b
I am in Jefferson County near I-80 mile marker 97. My favorite wine is Peach but I also like other fruit wines as well. I plan to make some peach, blackberry, strawberry, dandelion and huckleberry wines this year. I am just trying to stretch my legs and learn the ropes.
Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here and look forward to reading your posts
I see you make fruit wines. Same here. There are quite a few here making fruit wines and we look forward to see how you do it.
Cheers ! :b

You will love this forum if your like me just getting started !!!:b
When you are ready ck here 1st and ask what I/WE do. I make Straw, Blue,Peach,cran,cran/ras and others.
hey always glad to see more pennslyvanian's here i am from cenral pa right near state college..... welcome!!!!!!!!!!:b:d
Welcome Mike There are a lot of fruit wine makers here. I am sure you will fit right in. I am also from central Pa. Near Lock Haven
Hey there Mike! Welcome!
I am new here, too. I've brewed several batches of cider over the past couple of years. I think they've been my most successful beverages! Actually, to be more accurate, I suppose, the batches I've made would be called "cyser", as I mainly use recipes from a mead-making book, and they contained honey. I'd be happy to help you out if I can!