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Tell us about yourself. Have you made wine yet? If so what's fermenting.
My brief history of winemaking:

My first attempt at wine was a 2 gal batch of mango wine, started because sams club had pallets of the tasty things and I had been toying with the idea of making some kinda wine for quite some time. It turned out with high alc. content, kinda acidic, but drinkable. all gone. :try HOOKED!

Thefollowing autumn(last year), I started another 2 gal batch, and blindly purchased some almost completely fermented chancellor and chambourcin juices(5 gal ea.) from a local winery. As of right now, the mango wine is ageing, but probably is never going to be clear, the chancellor turned into vinegar, and the chambourcin seems to be ready to add some more meta and bottle. It might actually be o.k.

right now,I'm doing a 'world vineyards california pinot noir' kit, which is in the clarifying stage right now and will be ready to bottle around the new year.

I'm doing the kit project for a couple of reasons. First, I needed to learn from the ground up how to get from A to Z. My initial concept of making wine was 'put some juice in a jar with yeast and rack it a bunch of times and then bottle it'. PERIOD. no chemicals, no testing, no idea of what was going to come out the other end. Not surprisingly, I ended up with one batch of vinegar and some other stuff that's drinkable, but not what you would call 'nice wine'.
So, I got a good wine book that was suggested reading, some supplies and testing equipment, and took a few steps back.
I didn't get into this with the intention of learning chemistry, but that's kinda where it's going at this early stage. And I'm trying to learn the basics from the blogs like this one.
Eventually, I would like to get back to making wine from fresh juices instead of kits. The kits sure are easy, but I would like to have a bit more of my own hand in what I turn out, as opposed to just going through the motions.
Your story is no different than others who now make great wine.
Some things to remember;

The 3 "P's" Patience, Patience, Patience Don't rush wine making.

The 3 "T's" Taste, Taste, Taste Through the process.

At time you need to "think out of the box"

Staying with the kits is a great way to understand the steps. If you have any questions please ask BEFORE you do it.
Just look below what I have fermenting. :dg
welcome aboard. you might be interested in a book called Making Wild Wines & Meads and The Winemaker's Answer Book. Both have been really helpful in explaining things and recipies.

U should see what already bottled!

With time and "PAtience" you can be doing what I have aging. Trust me alot here started this as a "HOBBY" now, well for some its an OBSESSION and some BEYOND an OBSESSION !! :try

BTW we have some members who live in your part of PA.
Yeah this hobby does grown on you. I started in October of this year and I have 19 gallons going at various stages.
Yeah this hobby does grown on you. I started in October of this year and I have 19 gallons going at various stages.

Just so you know, YOU are responsible for my new siggy!

(that's a good thing)
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Welcome to the forum, I am glad to see someone else from the western side of the state.

Can you explain??

yeah, sorry about that. it's just my wierd sense of humor. :slp
when i see how much wine some of you have fermenting, it kinda boggles my mind a bit. it just made me think of that line in the movie, believe me, I was actually lol.:) so sorry if it was a bit inappropriate. :f
long story short; wow, i'm impressed, i would like to get to the point that i have that much wine going.

p.s. if it were my quote, it would be more like: "You are a madman! I want to party with you!". (i probably wouldn't mention a cow.)

p.s.s. new siggy may be more reflective of personality.

still friends? :a1:b
I've been talking to runningwolf on another blog. He referred me here.

Three things:
1. Welcome to the forum.
2. Always remember that I am the only civilized man on this forum.
3. I can't believe you admit to knowing crawlin' coyote.


"I can't believe you admit to knowing crawlin' coyote."

Well, he seemed nice enough when we met...but, jees, now that you mention it,he was a bit, well, you know. :tz

seriously though, the wolf has been nothing but a friendly face in the crowd.

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