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Dec 24, 2009
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Been over on HBT for a couple years.
My focus has been primarily Mead but recently transitioned to wines.
I've made 30+ batches of mead, with my favorite being a Cranberry/Spiced Apple.

In wines I've done a Welches White, White grape/Cherry and a Vinters Reserve Pinot Gris

Currently in production:

One gal White grape/Cherry
three gallons Welches White
Five gallons Chocolate Mead

Waiting for space: 6 gallons Vinters White Zinfandel

Welcome hope you like this place as much as I do. I think you'll find a lot of good helpful folks here too.
Welcome aboard. Glad to have you over here on the sister site.
Glad you could slip on over to this side from the brew site. We have many experienced wine makers here along with some brew makers also. Chocolate mead huh, that sounds delish!
Hello and welcome to the forum..

hopefully we can tempt you into experimenting with flower wines too...

Thanks for the welcome.

The Chocolate Mead is Over the top.
We've got an entire Thread over at HBT with the experiment.
We tries six different chocolates and found one we liked.

So we (my partner and I) each started a five gallon batch, mine is to original recipe my partner substituted Almond honey for Walmart brand.

Both should be ready for bottling about March 2010.