hello all from the UK

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May 10, 2009
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Hi just joined up, got a few demijohns on at the moment and a 5 gall brown rice and raison wine from the CJ Berry book,

ps. its a lovely strong heady little number.

anyways will be needed some advice no doubt, as Im no pro!

Cheers. Bubble head.:d

Bubble Head,
Welcome! Here you will get all the answers to your questions. We range from beginers to very experienced to ones that grow their own grapes.
Have you made wine before?
Hello from across the pond. Glad to have you here. We have a bit of an International membership here so theres a good chance any question you can throw at us can be answered. Look forward to your posts.
Welcome bubble head, thats quite a different wine you have going there!
I have a few years experience but my results are hit and miss.::h

Whgat I got going on at the moment is nettle and ginger, gorse bush, ribena wine!, green tea wine, rice and raison and dandelion flower !

118 gallojns in total:b
OK welcome here we can help you have more "HITS" than misses,
BTW from here over the pond can you tell wht this is?
nettle and ginger,
gorse bush,
ribena wine!,
118 gallojns in total:b

Ahem thats a typo, I meant 18 gallons. :D

the nettle and ginger winer is lovely, really its a basic wine recipe, with young stinging nettle heads, boiled for an hour and a chunk of root ginger mashed in then strained in primary and all ya bits added..

Very nice indeed.

the gorse bush wine is those bright yellow prickly bushes like this;


and ribena wine is made from Ribena! (or any other brand disgusting sickly sweet blackcurrant cordial.) as long as its high in fruit / apporx 35%. Not tried this one, but heard good reports, comes out like a port almost, strong and warming.

info here;



how to;


will let you all know how it turns out, sounds yummy.

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:) LOL on the small typo !
Were you drinking one of the wines when typing. :b

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