Heat gun on shrink caps?

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Mar 1, 2007
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Have any of you ever used a heat gun on your shrink caps? I've got an electric heat gun I was thinking about trying. (it's like a high temperature blow dryer) Usually use it to shrink sheathing on wiring harnesses.
My brother and his best friend use a heat gun to apply shrinks. One had a lower wattage model (sorry don't remember the numbers) and it didn't work well. The higher wattage one did.

We use a pot of boiling water. Hold the shrink in place with a slotted wooden spoon. Dip, and done pretty quickly.

I use this tool.

heat gun

i use a heat gun all the time ive used it for years it works great it is allso
used for removing paint to it not bad at that to
Yeah, it works on bumper stickers too.. Guess I'll be trying it out. If it doesn't work for me I can always do the boiling water thing!
I used to use the boiling water. Works fine but I kept burning my hands. I now use a heat embossing gun. It works pretty good. It is one similar to THIS ONE. The wire tool shown above with the boiling water works pretty good to. Your heat gun might work if it don't get too hot. I tried mine and it would instantly melt the shrink.

Smurfe :)
Heat gun:UPDATE

Just thought I'd let everyone know, the heat gun worked great. I was able to do several bottles at one time. Thanks for all the feed back folks.

I did my first ones last night with just a hair-dryer. Seemed to work fine.

I use a heat gun all the time.

You just have to be careful not the get the capsule too hot otherwise the capsule starts to melt and creates holes.

I use a fork to hold down the top of the capsule during the inital shrink, and then take the fork away to finish it up.

heat gun

I have used a wagner heat gun for over twelve years. The technique has become second nature. A combination of rotating of the bottle and distance from heat source is key. To avoid the foil on the top from sticking up after heating, i use my palm to hit the top of the bottle after each heating. I am used to it but it can be quite hot to some people, so use a cotton glove or even paper towel. Short of an expensive heat tunnel, this is quite affective.
Well I think everyone pretty much covered it. I've used everything from a blow dryer, heat gun, and even a butane torch. The key is balancing how hot your heat source is with the appropriate distance from the shrink wrap.

I'm glad it worked out well for you.:)

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