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Jul 24, 2018
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I found this software online, by any chance have you heard of Troly wine software? It looks promising but I want to hear your insights about it first.
May I know if you have experience working with them?

It seems pretty ‘scammy’. Actually- it seems extremely scammy. Scam sales 101- lots of sales type “emotion” words/phrases, but the website doesn’t actually give ANY specific info about software without having to dig for it. (If it’s even there) Everything is very vague.
Biggest red flag is this sales pitch website is geared towards English speaking community, and the creators (you) are not even professional enough to at least get someone with English as their 1st language to check the grammatical errors before finalizing.
It really has NOTHING to do with winemaking. It could be made 100 times over with for just about any business. And probably has.
Coincidentally, you have the same broken English, and your 1st post on this forum is pretending that you “found” this site. Please take your scam BS elsewhere.

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