Happy National Siblings day!

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Feb 9, 2010
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Believe it or not, today is national siblings day. Yup, a day dedicated to dredging up all of your sibling related childhood trauma!

I am so shocked that I do not have the day off!

I am the middle child of three, so no therapist in the world would have ever took me on as a patient. It would have been far too much work!

I have two stories to share...

- One time, the older brother and I were playing on the front lawn. For whatever reason, I was running across the lawn and was not watching where I was going and amazingly ran face first into my brother's fist (he was simply stretching). Without missing a beat, and seeing the situation for its potential, I dropped to the ground, and (even though it did not hurt a bit) started crying.

My father came running up and demanded to know "just what the hell is going on here".

Answering first, I yelled.. "HE PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE".

My father turned to my older brother and asked "is this true? Don't lie to me!"

My brother then told the truth. "No Dad! I was holding my arm out like this and he ran into it".

All I can say is that they spanked kids in those days. Poor Brother!

- Then there was the time when the older brother and I wanted to play Tug-of-war and didn't have a rope, so we used the younger bother. It was easy, he was 6/8 years younger than us. Well, all I can say is that he had a dislocated shoulder and my older brother and I could not sit down for about a year!!!!

How about you guys? I would love to hear that I am not the only truly evil one......

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